It seems like you can teach an old dog new tricks.

The sister company to Black Dog Consultants, we are proud to introduce you to RESILIO.

RESILIO exists to ignite organisations who want to operate with empathy and nurture relationships that build enduring commitment.

Our why

We are a learning consultancy focused on shaping more human conversations in the workplace. 

We co-create solutions with our clients, designed to help leaders shift the way they think about designing positive, resilient workplace cultures and customer experiences.

If you are serious about designing and building a positive emotional culture for your organisation, we have some seriously good solutions to help you.

Want to know more?

(Some of) what we do

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Positive Mental Health Virtual Workshops for Managers & Teams, The Resilient Leader, The Science of Sleep, The Mindful Leader

Team Collaboration & Engagement

5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team, The Inclusive Leader, The Secrets of Highly Effective Teams, The Engaging Leader

Building A Positive Emotional Culture @ Work

The Emotional Culture Index, Design & Build Your Emotional Culture

Having Conversations That Matter

Ontological Approach to Understanding Human Dynamics, Brave Leadership

Leading with Empathy

Specially designed to navigate a leader through the 'new normal' (see below for more details)

Creating Customer & Employee Experiences

Design Thinking, Personas, Customer Connection Workshops, The Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson


GENOS Emotional Intelligence - Live Virtual Certification

For Executive Coaches, Facilitators, HR and Talent/OD Specialists. Next cohort spaces opening soon. Contact us to find out more or visit our page by clicking here.


No really, don't just take our word for it

"The team delighted me yet again with their passion for innovative learning. The virtual learning session I attended on Design Thinking was engaging and informative. Not only did I learn from the material presented but also from the opportunity to connect with others and practice the skills - all virtually."

- Tracey Bond Corbett, Director, Springleaf HR Consulting

"I feel extremely pleased to have completed the Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Program, as it has given me strong insights and practical tools to help clients around the world to create positive workplace cultures in which high performance team members are motivated and engaged at work. 

The learning team made the overall learning experience a memorable one for all the right reasons, including their continuous professional support throughout the entire process."

- Global Learning Expert focused on developing and implementing cross-cultural communications learning solutions

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